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Shifts by Virgil Daniels

The book is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as other online retailers.

About the Book

Take a peek in the lives of Dax, Frank, and Rita. Three extra-ordinary people, bound together by time and the goals they have set out for themselves. Dax the inventive yet reluctant Ex-Soldier, trying to make something of his life and shed the mistakes of his past. Rita, a young scientist and researcher with the talent to be the best in her field, while still feeding the unrelenting urge to nurture her daughter. Frank, the most socially capable of them all, who carries with him a checkered past, a lust for women, even better food, and all that is good in life. He continues only to conquest the best, and keep his ship afloat. Their lives will interchange and mingle with each other as the dawn of the technical era reaches its peak, and crests with the emergence of yet another technology. This one also, capable of altering the human experience as we know it. 


None as of yet. This was literally published just last week. Give it a week or two. Hopefully we'll have something to share.

Coming Soon

Notes and insight on Shifts and future books by Virgil Daniels, PLUS, Advice and tidbits on the life of an Author and how to better maintain your passion and still be creative, AND, a weekly blog to share and muse about just life in general.

In the works..

Another new book, yessir..

Stay tuned for that one. I hope to have it available for you guys and gals buy the  end of year...

Until then...

Keep checking back. I will probably post some samples of the new book as well as the one that is already in stores.

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